Saturday, June 21, 2008

Clean, Shiny Fangs

Bella got her teeth cleaned this week.  Here's before:

And here's after:

I'm sure it's the lighting, but I think they actually do look whiter in the second photo.

Poor Bella.  Kitty teeth-cleaning is done under anesthesia, and as the vet told me, the more fat they have, the longer the effects last.  In case you haven't noticed, Bella is not a cat who has missed many meals.  The procedure was done Monday morning, and she was still a little wobbly in the hind legs on Wednesday.  

She's all better now, though.  And with cleaner, shinier teeth.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

(I don't know if this is a Blogger problem or a Sue problem, but I'm still having major formatting issues.  So we'll make it into a little Father's Day Mind Puzzle.  Match the picture - or video - with the caption!)

Here's just a little bit about the best Dad on the planet:

  • He's smart (just call him Dr. Dad)
  • He's funny (He would sometimes read to my sister and me when we were little, and only in his rendition of Little House on the Prairie did Laura and Mary stop at McDonald's on their way home from school)
  • He's an amazing preacher and pastor
  • He's a wonderful grandfather to Bella
  • He loves to travel

He's an all-around fabulous father!  Happy Father's Day, Pa!  I love you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Windy City

(Sorry about the wacky formatting. I've tried to fix it to no avail)

I went to Chicago the other day. So much to love about that city.

First of all, Wow Bao. Why does Grand Rapids not have a Wow Bao?

I had Mongolian Beef and Teriyaki Chicken steamed buns (along with Spicy Peanut Noodles). I simply cannot say enough about these steamed buns. They are absolutely succulent.

And Anthropologie. I'd never been to this store, but it's so cool; full of Adorable Clothes That I Can't Even Begin to Afford, and tons of cute home decor items and housewares. I got two sweet juice glasses on clearance. No, you're absolutely right, the green one isn't supposed to look like that.

I was in Union Station, about to board my train when I heard a "thunk" and realized that while the handles of my Anthropologie bag were still around my wrist, the actual bag and its contents were on the ground. At least there was one survivor. May I suggest, Anthropologie Bag Designer, that you go back to the drawing board?

I love these residences.

I love Crate and Barrel. But the front part of the store - the part where the escalators are that's all open and glass 5 stories up - makes me incredibly nervous. The soles of my feet sieze up when I think about the person who had to hang those banners. And the person who arranged those decorative planters. Eek. My palms are totally sweating just thinking about it.

I love wandering down Michigan Avenue on an 88-degree day. Well, not so much the 88-degree part. But I do love the proprietors of the high-end stores who blast their air conditioning and leave their doors open, effectively turning the sidewalk spaces in front of their doors into mini meatlockers. Actually, it's a huge waste of energy, which I guess I don't technically love. But it sure is refreshing . . .

I love expanses of green in the midst of a big city. This was the first time I went to Millenium Park, and I was glad I went. There was a wacky reflective sculpture there:

And some crazy Big-Brotheresque fountains (you can only see one of them here) through which I was sorely tempted to run. The children ran amok, while the adults sat or stood decorously on the periphery, enjoying the mist.

I love the Art Institute.  I didn't go in this time, but I walked past it. I dig the lions.

I love Chicago! What city do you love?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fur Sentry™

Have you heard of this marvel?  Seriously, every vermin-afflicted home should have one.
Here's the scenario:  I'm sitting on the couch.  Sometimes I'll hear the noise in the wall, and sometimes I won't.  But regardless of whether I do or not, the Fur Sentry™ does, and it comes galloping into the living room, fur rippling and whiskers streaming.  It leaps gallantly onto the couch-arm, and there it remains, motionless, until the noise goes away.  Which it always does.  Because ain't nothing getting past the Fur Sentry™.

By the way, I have no idea what's in these walls.  Bats (my guess), mice, muskrats, wildebeest . . . who knows.  I live in an apartment, so I'm not responsible.  My marvelous dad put screens in all my vents, so whatever it is can't get in that way, and I'm confident that the Fur Sentry™ will cover all other bases.