Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kitty Lit

Bella and I are enjoying spending some time with our family down south, and Bella is having fun exploring a new house.  Her grandparents have a houseful of books, and Bella, literary cat that she is, feels right at home.

On her list of things to read are some of her Papa's commentaries.  He has, oh, probably 1,000 of them.

That's going real well.

She's also planning to read some of her Mimi's Miss Read and Jan Karon books.  And The South Beach Diet.

Clearly, she's making all kinds of progress.

There are all kinds of historical books she's dying to get her little furry paws on.

But it's hard to get started when there are so many new surfaces on which to nap.

It's OK Bella . . . you sleep; I'll read.