Monday, February 1, 2010


Bella and I are moving.  We're leaving our wonderful apartment with its checkerboard kitchen floor and great balcony for birdwatching.  We're leaving behind so many beloved family members and friends.  We're heading south.  We have close family down there, and hopefully the job market is just a tad better than it is in Michigan.  

Moving can be tough on cats.  They don't tend to like change.  But the moving process can also be rather adventurous - I mean, there are boxes in which to crouch,

and on which to climb;

Storage bins in which to get trapped,

and magazine organizers in which to stuff oneself.

Best of all are the empty bookcases - they're great for lounging.

And if you get up high, away from your everyday circumstances, sometimes you can get a different perspective.

Yep, change can be hard for cats, and it's almost always hard for this human.  But I'm trusting it will be good.

Jeremiah 29:11