Monday, May 19, 2008

A Cat and her Family

The other week, Bella got to hang out with her cousins.  She was really excited to see them.  Most of them are older than she is, and the fact that her older, cooler cousins give her the time of day really boosts her ego.
Here's Bella with her oldest cousin, Katherine.

Here's Katherine at Little Bohemia, where we went shopping for beads.  Bella dreams of someday going to Little Bohemia.

Here Katherine is contemplating her takeover of Grand Rapids.

Here's Bella's cousin John.  It's hard to get a picture of him.  He moves pretty fast.

He'll usually slow down for a computer, though.  Or Legos.  He's a Lego master.  Bella could learn a lot from him.

Here's Margaret.  She moves fast, too.  She's a jump rope enthusiast - here she is jumping.  Bella wishes she could jump rope.  Actually, she could.  She's just too lazy.

Also, Margaret's a horse enthusiast.  Here she is doing her best to look like a shifty-eyed horse thief.

And last but not least, Lizzie (and me).  She's four.

Don't tell Lizzie, but four-year-olds make Bella nervous.  I got the distinct impression that she was wishing she had a shell in which to retreat right about this time.  I think if she retracted her head any further, she'd displace her lungs.  She was pretty much a ball of nerves the entire visit.
Later on, we were telling Aunt Deb and Katherine about our visit with Bella.
Lizzie:  She tried to run under the bed, but Aunt Sue and I catched her.
Katherine:  You mean, "caught her."
Lizzie:  Well, you weren't there, so we catched her.
Here's Bella being combed by her Aunt Anne.

Bella loves to be combed.

We miss you family!


Ewokgirl said...

What a neat way to blog their visit! My cats have cousins, too. And their cousins scare my younger cat. The older one can handle kids just fine, though.

My older cat's favorite toy is his fishing pole. Because of this, I completely confused my oldest niece when she was a toddler. She thought fishing poles were for catching cats.

Craig said...

That's an excellent pic of you and Lizzie.