Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Cat

I may have mentioned that Bella is a cat of considerable girth.  She has long been enamored of a tripod box - as a young cat she used to dash through it in pursuit of foil balls (her favorite plaything).  As she got older, she lost her ability to fit in the tripod box due to her expanding waistline (do cats have waists?).

Not wanting to contribute to the rapidly growing problem of cathood obesity, I've been cutting back ever so slightly on Bella's rations.  And I'm pleased to report that she once again fits in the tripod box!  See, here's her head:

And her feet.

After a while, I thought she might actually be stuck in there, and I tried to sort of pour her out.  She just gave me a dirty look and scrunched herself back in.

Eventually she did come out on her own.  

It was sort of like watching a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.  

A big, hairy butterfly.

She's still no Richard Simmons (but would I want her to be Richard Simmons? *shudder* No.).  But hey, she can fit in the tripod box again.  That's saying something.


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Ewokgirl said...

Love it! You seriously take the best photos of your cat! What is it with cats and small boxes? Mine will contort and attempt to squeeze themselves into any box they run across.

My Doogie chunked up a bit, too, but at his latest vet appointment, I learned that he's now lost a half pound since last year. Unlike Calvin's weight loss due to kidney disease, Doogie's loss was welcome!