Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cat Bling

I recently ran across some of my childhood jewelry.  Being a girl, of course Bella wanted to model my old necklaces.

I always liked this silver butterfly.

A cat wearing a cat!  Bella thinks wearing Garfield's likeness is pretty hilarious.

This bear was a favorite.  In fact, I wore it for my 4th grade school picture, along with a fabulous burgundy jumpsuit.  Too bad the pendant flipped around and all you could see was a label proclaiming "Genuine Copper."

And of course Strawberry Shortcake.  What little girl didn't have a Strawberry Shortcake necklace in the early 80's?

Truth be told, Bella's only real use for Strawberry Shortcake is this sort of thing.  But don't tell anyone.

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