Monday, August 31, 2009


Bella spent a lot of time yesterday with her cousin, Lizzie.

Lizzie thought Bella would look smashing in a necklace that she (Lizzie) had made for a doll.  She was kind enough to loan it to Bella, but after thinking about it, she decided that she'd make another necklace so that Bella could have her own.

Of course, this necessitated measuring Bella's neck for a perfect fit.

With the measuring tapes out, Lizzie felt compelled to measure the rest of Bella, too.  She's around 33 inches long, including her tail.  Only about 9 inches shorter than Lizzie.

Bella was very cooperative (if not enthusiastic), for the most part.

She did find it necessary to take a brief break from the playdate and rest under the bed for a while.

She came back, though.  I mean, who could resist these eyes?

All in all, Bella had a grand time playing with her cousin, and now has a taste for jewelry that she didn't have previously.  Which is fine, so long as she doesn't ask for pierced ears...


Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Oh, wow. Bella is like a super cat or something! My boys run in fear when my nieces are here. But, Doogie is terrified of children in general, and Calvin just gets overwhelmed by 4 loud and giggly creatures all trying to pet him at once. That, and my cousin's kid kept choking him years ago, so he's now wary of kids...

Honshell said...