Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things You Need to Trim a Tree

1.  A tree, for sure.  And a black and brown tabby cat.  I guess the tabby is technically optional, but I don't see why anyone wouldn't want a nice tabby along for the ride.

Here's Bella stalking our untrimmed tree.

2.  Christmas Music.  I'm not sure it's possible to trim the tree without Nat or Bing or someone crooning in the background.  The London Philharmonic or Mannheim Steamroller will do nicely, too.

Don't you just LOVE Christmas music?  I do.

3.  Lights.  I like the simplicity of white lights.  But the multicolored ones are nice, too.  I'm not crazy about the blinky ones, though.

Pardon the unsightly vertical blinds.  They sure don't make for the nicest backdrop.

4.  A garland of some sort is nice.  You can use tinsel, or cranberry or popcorn strings.  I like this beaded garland.  Bella likes it too.  In fact, sometimes she tries to be helpful by untrimming the tree.  One year I found her all the way down the back hall of my apartment, dragging this garland in her teeth.  So far this year she's left it on the tree.

Maybe if I let her wear it before I put it on the tree, she'll leave it alone.

5.  Ornaments, of course.  This little guy has been with me since my second Christmas.  He's my all-time favorite.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

And with a live Colorado Spruce, it smells a lot like Christmas, too.


Tinuviel said...
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Honshell said...

Ditto the last pic.

Ewokgirl said...

You and Bella look beautiful! Love the pic of her wearing the garland like jewels.