Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kitchen: before and aft

Okay, so last week I providentially stumbled upon Christine's blog and decided to join in with Organize Unclutter 2008.  I think it'll be great to have the accountability and the knowledge that there are other people out there trying to straighten up along with me.  
We're starting with organization of the kitchen, so I thought I'd give you a tour of mine.  It's just a small galley kitchen, so you'd think it'd be easy to keep clean, but I manage to trash it on a pretty regular basis.  Warning:  the first 2 images are not for the faint of heart.  And note, these are before and after pics I took a couple of weeks ago; I still need to work on the assignments for this week.

Niiiiiice.  Love the way the trash is cascading out of the trash can and onto the floor.

Seriously, could I LEAVE any more cupboards open?  Oh, and now you know my secret.  I stockpile boxes of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch.
And I leave hand grenades on the counter in front of the microwave.  Oh wait - my bad - that's a bottle of lime juice.

Now see, how hard was that?  And how much better does it look?  Technically, for this week's assignment, I should stow the toaster.  But quite honestly, the toaster is pretty much just decoration anyway.  I'm not that much of a toast girl (plus, the thing really only effectively toasts one side of the bread), but I'm all about adding character to a room and I think my red retro toaster adds a charming splash of color to that end of the kitchen.  
I'm thinking about removing the rooster (in the corner by the toaster).  Do I really NEED a chalkboard-holding anthropomorphized member of the poultry family in my kitchen?  Probably not...

...but then again, he is sort of cute.  And the paper towels, for which I don't have a holder, hide nicely behind him.  What do you say, people?  Keep the rooster or give him the (figurative) axe?

Holy smokes, you can actually SEE the refrigerator.  Less is more, folks, less is more.
So anyway, I've sorted my kitchen gadgets, and pretty much my only extraneous appliance is the aforementioned toaster.  I need to weed my cookbooks, and then I think I'm pretty much set for this week's assignments.  Although I have some catching up to do, from weeks past.
But hey, there's progress being made in this little kitchen!


Christine said...

I loved your post! Such humor!!

I vote keep the rooster! In this case, he adds alot of character. But ditch the toaster. If you want retro, find something more useful or at least smaller. ;)

Christine said...

Just found this...

maybe not this color but I bet a red one is out there somewhere. Then you can listen to music as you explode lime juice grenades. :-p

Sue said...

Christine, the radio is fabulous! And I bet you're right, I bet it does come in red. But the thing is, I'm really in love with that toaster. It's pretty much my favorite thing in the kitchen...

Christine said...

Then keep it! :-p

If it makes you happy looking at it; we all need that something that makes us smile during an ordinary day. :)

Craig said...

Keep the rooster. Is his name "Tsar"?