Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chop Chop

Hey, Mother, you'll like this.  Yesterday I was in the housewares section in TJ Maxx, and I happened upon a knife display.  They had paring knives, they had santoku knives; and what do you know, they had an 8-inch Kitchenaid Chef's knife for the low price of $7.99.  Now, true, this is no J.A. Henckels knife; it doesn't even have rivets, and it has a cheesy silicone handle.  But I figured it had a few good chops in it.
I decided to have fajitas for lunch today, because all the chopping would be a good test-drive for my knew knife.  
New.  New knife.  Here's the knife with its victims.

Wow, it cuts through green peppers like a subzero wind cuts through a poor, unsuspecting human as she scrapes her car on a Sunday morning.  I know a little bit about that sort of thing.

Hmmmm.  Same story for red peppers.  This is a knice knife.  Nice, I mean.  Nice Knife.

No problem with the onions, either.  Looks pretty good...

Hula Girl thinks so too.


AMTMPS said...

Please keep Bella away from that knife.


Kate Marie said...

Is amtmps Mom? Because if she is she is right. If she's not, well, I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.
Oh, and I have the second in the series on Eco- Fashion on my blog, come over and see!
Your Dear Darling Neice
P.S. Happy Valentines day!!